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ATTO Disk Benchmark 3.05

Use ATTO Disk Benchmark To Measure The Performance Of Your Storage Systems

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ATTO Disk Benchmark 3.05

ATTO Disk Benchmark Review:

 Sometimes you might have noticed that your system is taking a significant amount of time to read and write the data. There could be a problem in your system. If you want to check whether your system disk is working properly, you will need the ATTO Disk Benchmark This software solution will do a sequence of tests to determine the speed of the hard disk.

 User-Friendly Application

 Though there are different Benchmark facilities available in the market, most of them are really complicated to use and has many features which are difficult to understand and perform. The ATTO Disk Benchmark solutions come with user friendly features and specifications. The simple interface and the comprehensive menu with details of each feature makes it easy to use for measuring the performance. The important features are included in a single window and after completing the tests, the results are presented in a professional way in the main window.

 Why Use This Application?

 ATTO Disk Benchmark make out how the hard drives, solid state drives and RAID arrays perform their Storage function. It uses various test lengths and transfer sizes for reads and writes to measure the speed at which data is moved from or to the disk. This tool is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows, hence accessible to a large number of users. It is possible to use this application to test raid controllers, host bus adapters, storage controllers, hard drives and SSD drives from any manufacturer. You can customize the performance measurement using options such as queue depth, comparison mode, overlapped I/O etc.


 - This application supports different queue lengths.
 - It supports transfer sizes ranging from 512KB to 8MB.
 - Supports Transfer length ranging from 64KB to 2GB.
 - Provides support to overlapped I/O.
 - Providing I/O comparison using different test patterns and pre-defined settings.
 - Will be able to perform continuous testing using the timed mode feature.
 - On formatted drives this application gives a non-destructive performance.
 - The generated result can be saved or printed using the application and can be compared with previous reports using the particular tool.

 If you are looking for an easy way to measure the speed of the hard disk you can opt for ATTO Disk Benchmark. Since the results are shown as graphs it is easy to interpret the result. The user friendly interface and features makes this a good utility. Moreover, this utility comes free of charge.

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